-   Monday 7-8.30 PM (except bank holiday Monday)
Kundalini yoga & Meditation
@ Energie Fitness in East Grinstead RH19 1EQ
Free for members/ £5.- paid at reception

NEW classes starting from 9th January 2018 -
 Thursday 7-9.00 PM
Shakti Dance & Meditation
@ Arc Hall in
West HoathlRH19 4SJ

-  Tuesday 7-8.30 PM
Shakti Flowing Yoga Stretches & Meditation
@ Haven Center in Crawley Down RH10 4LJ
-   Sunday 4.30-6.00PM
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
@ Haven Center in Crawley Down RH10 4LJ

Shakti Dance® is the Yoga of Dance - yoga and dance together in a beautiful conscious practice. Created by Sara Olivier Avtar Kaur through her Kundalini Yoga and dance practices.

In the Shakti Dance the streches are flowing and dynamic, standing exercises are rythmic and consious breath is used through out the class. During the class we move to the sound of sacred meditative mantras. Relaxation allows the body, mind and spirit to calm, reorganise and integrade itself. The meditation in Shakti Dance class also involves a Celestial Communication. Celestial Communication is an expression of the mantra with hand movement and chanting out loud or heard internally. This will be followed by short meditation to feel the effects of the Celestial Communication and to still the mind.

Shakti Dance makes you more flexible and toned. You can releases physical, mental and emotional blockages through flowing dance moves and stillness in pure relaxation. Shakti Dance clears the mind to find peace in everyday life and a stronger vision of your purpose.
After the class you feel more energetic and also relaxed in body and mind.

An uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practice, Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras, such as Sat Nam, meaning "truth is my identity." The goal is to build physical vitality and increase consciousness.
One of the reasons Kundalini Yoga is so loved is that it gives us answers and guidance from within. Often we look for the solution to problems in life outside ourselves in pharmaceuticals, therapy, self-help books, relationships, shopping, and myriads of other ways. The beauty of Kundalini Yoga is that it gives us the information we seek in our lives--that awareness--through the practice.

Benefits of Consistent Kundalini Yoga Practice:

1. Greater awareness of my True Divine Nature
2. More spontaneous flow of Joy & Happiness
3. Greater Peace and ability to stay calm in the face of storms.
4. Better Health
5. More Strength, Energy, Fitness & Vitality
6. Greater Clarity of Thought
7. Some truly mind blowing transcendental experience

Opening Hours

Mon - Tue
Wed, Fri, Sat
Appointment Only
She had an amazing glamorous life style - doing the job she loved, working as an air hostess, travelling the world, hardly working. Then again working at all sort of crazy hours, looking glamorous at 5am and dealing with public in the combined space was becoming challenging. So she thought she needs some physical and mental support and yoga came to her mind.

The first yoga class Kerti went to looking for connection of the body and mind. Little did she know that she had ended up in Kundalini Yoga class.
Kundalini Yoga became her idea of yoga - the dynamic movements, still poses, chanting, meditation - that's what the yoga is like, right?

She's always enjoyed singing and she knew she needed to her body and mind to better shape.

Shortly after the Shakti Dance class was mentioned to her. Being open minded woman, she went to try it out. She found herself in HEAVEN at Shakti Dance class - the flowing stretches, guided dancing, free dancing, dancing as meditation and chanting, combined everything she already enjoyed.

When the offer to take part of Shakti Dance teacher training she didn't have to think twice. She said YES to getting to know this beautiful routine of yoga and dance, to learn it for her knowledge.

Kerti Torn took a part of The Shakti Dance Academy level 1 teacher training in England. After initial training she has been taking a part of the Shakti Dance Academy level 2 trainings in Spain and Italy. Kerti had done her Kundalini yoga teacher training in France with Amrit Nam Sarovar International School of Learning.
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Contact Kerti

Energie Fitness
Arc Hall, Hoathly Hill

Haven Centre

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